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    Break new ground with the 49X

    Introducing what isn't just the best truck Western Star ever built, but what might be the best truck anyone has ever built.

    The entire X-Series line of trucks was built from the ground up to bring toughness into the modern age with an impressive collection of engineering, technology and more than half a century of experience building trucks that take on any challenge, anywhere. So, whether you need a rugged vocational truck or a semi truck, and whether you've owned Western Star for years or will for the first time, it's time to break new ground with the 49X.

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    Western Star 49X

    Powered by proven performance.

    Detroit® has never been a brand to stop improving. Case in point, the new Detroit DD13® Gen 5. Along with the Detroit DD15® Gen 5, the two engines represent the latest achievements in industry-leading power and productivity from Detroit. Engineered for greater reliability than ever before, they offer new vocational power ratings to meet the demands of any application.

    Whether you're working on construction sites, in quarries, in logging – or even over the road – there's a Detroit engine option that delivers you the proven power to get payloads moving quickly with longer maintenance intervals and greater uptime than ever before.

    Western Star Powertrain

    Detroit DD13 Gen 5

    The DD13 Gen 5 engine offers the best of the best in cutting-edge diesel engine technology and engineering. It's been significantly redesigned with vocational jobs in mind, with numerous innovations to increase performance, durability and productivity.


    Detroit DD15 Gen 5

    Backed by years of proven performance, the Detroit DD15 Gen 5 takes reliability, durability and productivity to the next level. Perfect for any operation, vocational or on-highway, the DD15 delivers everything you need from an engine, including greater profitability.


    Detroit DD16

    The biggest, toughest and most powerful engine Detroit has ever produced, the DD16® is the only 16-liter engine available. And since it offers the longest service intervals in the industry, it tackles your hardest jobs while increasing uptime and profitability.


    Cummins X12

    The X12 is designed to give weight-sensitive applications maximum payload. And at just 2,050 lbs., the X12 is at least 150 lbs. lighter than the lightest competitive 11L engine, yet it still delivers powerful performance from 350-500 HP and 1250-1700 lb-ft Torque.

    CUMMINS x12

    Cummins X15

    With power and productivity, the Cummins X15 offers all-around performance with features like superior fuel and lube filter capacity that offer longer service intervals to optimize operational costs. The Cummins X15 is Designed to handle the heavy lifting.

    CUMMINS x15

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